Saturday, June 13, 2009

Wanted: Something in exchange for one hour of peace & quiet

The next purple button deal is for someone who just needs a little peace and quiet in their life.

I was contacted by Lotus Day Spa Owner Tara Sue Hallam. Her offer was a hot stone massage in exchange for my heart shaped waffle maker. The massage has a value of $100, so I consider it a pretty fantastic deal!

I visited Tara at the spa with the waffle maker in hand. Tara took me for a tour of the gorgeous spa complete with water feature in the reception area, private change rooms and spacious service rooms including a soothing pedicure lounge for two. After the tour we made the deal. Up for trade now is a one hour hot stone massage at Lotus Day Spa with Tara Sue Hallam. This would make an incredible Father's Day gift or a bridal shower gift. I'm open to offers, so send your trade ideas to

More about Lotus Day Spa at

Friday, May 8, 2009

A Sweet Deal

My first trade was considered sacred. The purple button couldn't be traded for just anything, like a spatula or a paper weight. It had to be special. A step up, but also something so unique it would be coveted by many others to follow.

I encountered just such an item this evening when visiting my husband's friend Har Kaila. His wife, Jane Brookes, a professional waxer of the sacred areas of the body (, offered up one of her most prized possessions. As soon as it was offered, I knew for her it was going to be a sincere sacrifice. At first I refused the trade, but then the pull of it's greatness was too much to bear. I had to have it. "It" is a heart-shaped waffle maker that tweets like a bird when the doughy goodness is done. I am so proud. It will be a challenging and heart wrenching second trade to part with it.

Heart-shape, Tweeting Waffle Maker for a Safe House. I am open to offers. Email me at

Sunday, May 3, 2009

The Purple Button Project

Remember that guy who traded a red paper clip for a house? I'm passionate about helping victims of human trafficking, so I want to trade one purple button for a "safe house" to save women trapped in the sex trade. The house and any other gifts will be donated to The Salvation Army Human Trafficking program.

Twenty-seven million women, children and even men have been trafficked worldwide. There are an estimated 1.5 million sex slaves in North America. I believe all people deserve freedom and dignity and no one should be forced, manipulated or sold into slavery.

If you want to help, learn more about this issue at and trade me something bigger and better for my one purple button.

Here's how it works, if you have something better than a purple button, you can offer it in trade. I will then use that trade to trade for something better and so on until we trade for the safe house.

Contact me at to make a deal!